CultureMap: Sizing up "American Idol" Season 11

If you’re not watching “American Idol” this year, you’re missing out on one of the most memorable seasons in “Idol” history. Why?

My favorite seasons don’t just present us with potential recording artists; they take raw talent and cultivate it. They tell stories with artistic arcs. They create journeys. And that’s why I love this season.

Week after week, we’ve seen the contestants earnestly build their identities like puzzles, despite the meandering “constructive criticism” from the judges. We’ve seen them wrestle through emotions, intertwine personality and vision, and take creative risks. There’s real momentum driving this season — the kind that both captivates you and keeps you guessing.

You can read my full thoughts on this season in my latest post for CultureMap, and find all of my “Idol” coverage here. And, seriously, watch this:

Posted on April 6, 2012 and filed under American Idol, Writing.