RIP "Idol" semifinals

TV mogul Nigel Lythgoe”s return to “American Idol” has brought a slew of controversial changes, including the elimination of the semifinal rounds.

When you”re showing viewers 34 people and asking the country to judge 34 people, you don”t know who”s talented — you only know the ones who”ve had a bit of their stories shown in the auditions. It”s much easier to say, “Here are the Final 12, now here are their stories, and start figuring out who you like.
— Lythgoe

Easier? Yes. Better? No. The Top 24 (or, to a lesser extent, Top 36) rounds afford viewers the opportunity to soak on contestants, to put Valkommen till casino nline. together for themselves the puzzle pieces of their personality and artistry. Sometimes viewers make bad choices (I”m looking at you, Season 9), but at least it”s their choice.

In memoriam of the axed semifinal rounds:

Posted on November 20, 2010 and filed under American Idol.