Sound Bite: Jeans and underwear people

Why can’t blue jean people — the people that make the blue jeans; I call them blue jean people – and underwear people get together and decide on one standard height for the articles of clothing? Instead of everybody walking around with a thong that’s 18 inches above their waist or granny panties that are scrunched up inside their pants like Venetian blinds, they should just sell jeans and underwear together. That’s what they should do. Like you’re choosing wine that goes with your meal. Like, ‘Oh are you going to go with a low rise? May I suggest a nice thong? Oh, you’re buying the mom jeans? I would pair that with a small parachute.’
— -Ellen DeGeneres in yesterday’s (always hilarious) opening monologue of The Ellen DeGeneres Show.
Posted on December 2, 2010 and filed under Sound Bites.