Stuck like glue

Pop culture and I are stuck like glue. We have been for years. I love that it’s driven on the purest level by the wants, needs and thoughts of people. I love that you can consistently rely on its inconsistency and that every decade sees a definitive shift. I love that it can make you cry, laugh, fear or believe – sometimes all at once.

I’ve learned over the years that the best way to observe pop culture is with one foot grounded firmly in reality and the other plunged in the mess. Only then –when you’re neither blindly judging nor blindly following– can you find the little nuggets of truth and humanity tucked beneath pop culture’s candy coating. Because they’re there. And they’re fascinating.

So I’ve created this blog as an outlet of sorts, to highlight and explore the stuff (the music, people and more) that binds me to pop culture. I’m typically a contemplative writer, playing with words and dissecting arguments until my head hurts, so I’m excited to break up my usual style with some snappier thoughts on this blog.

Stay tuned!

*Post title inspired by this contagious little gem, which, sadly, comes from this.

Posted on November 14, 2010 and filed under Assorted Thoughts.