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Winter round-up: It's February?

The only things I remember from this whirlwind of a winter are a trip to NYC (for a Communications Executive Council conference and Paul Rudd), buying my first home, and ringing in what’s shaping up to be a pretty sweet year.

Somewhere in between, I did some writing:

I hope to be back in writing mode as soon as I figure out this whole homeownership thing. In the meantime, I’ll leave you with:

Happiness don’t drag its feet.
  • This new (to the U.S.) beauty:

And this overdramatic but partially true New York Times post on the end of dating. Funny and sad, no?

"Parenthood": Five reasons to watch

5. Awkward humor. It's the best kind, no?

4. Firecracker chemistry. The ad-lib style of dialogue might drive some viewers crazy, but I think it’s a perfect fit for this ensemble cast, whose chemistry is sparkling in almost any combination. There’s something wonderfully (and appropriately) organic about the interactions between the characters.

3. Careful, creative music selection(Ray LaMontagne? Yes, please.)

2Lauren Graham. Ok, so maybe Sarah Braverman isn’t nearly as intricate nor as compelling a character as Lorelai Gilmore, and maybe the more multi-faceted characters on the show –like Adam and Crosby– shine a little brighter. But in any context, Graham is a superb actress, unwavering in her commitment to her craft – and she’s long overdue for some accolades.

1. Striking depiction of family. “Parenthood” does what few other shows have been able to do: it slices through the glamour of marriage and parenthood without sacrificing the appeal of marriage and parenthood. The relationships on the show are revealed as raw, messy and flawed – but they’re also deep, resilient and meaningful. And while it’s fun to idolize TV characters, it’s more rewarding to be able to connect with them on a very real level, by grabbing onto and wrestling with their very real issues.

If you’re not watching “Parenthood” on Tuesdays, you should be.

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